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Bible Study: Strength

Bible Study:  Samson (Judges Chapters 13-16). Last week we looked at humility, and in the biblical sense, it’s realising we are weak and God is strong!  This week let’s focus on  Strength.  What better an example than Samson.  Samson was one of God’s chosen early leaders (aka judges) of Israel, and he led for twenty years.  Samson had a special calling, to rescue Israel from the Philistines, and was dedicated to God as a Nazirite from birth.  As such, he wasn’t allowed to cut his hair.  It’s an incredible story of bravery, strength, weakness and redemption.


Read Judges 15:14-16.  Comment on God’s timing on when he imparted His strength into Samson (another example in 14:5-6.)

Read Judges 16:15-18.  Why did Samson finally cave in to Delilah?  What can we take out of this to help our relationship with God?

Read Judges 16:23-30.  Why did God choose this particular event to be Samson’s strongest moment?

Bonus Round: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10; When are we at our strongest?  What helpful things can we pray to get there?